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7 out of 10 peruvians have been victims of prejudices

There is a lot of prejudices in our society, which creates a feeling of rejection among peruvians. Given this problem, L'Onda is trying to change people's way of thinking, using the launch of our new Pink Lemonade, an innovative drink that at first glance it can trigger thousands of prejudices, but it has a refreshing and delicious taste of fresh lemonade.

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MULTIFOODS S.A.C is a Peruvian company dedicated to the production of juices and drinks formulated with inputs of the highest quality. Some of the products we offer are natural fruit juices, nectars, fruit drinks, rehydrates, energizers. All these products are sold in national and international markets under our brand L’Onda and also under private brands. We have international accreditations such as kosher, HACCP, SQF Level3 and WCA.

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At L’Onda we produce and package juices and drinks with the highest quality standards. We offer products in various presentations including Glass, PET, etc. Our presentations range from 200ml to 20L. We manufacture our clients’ private brands, complying with all the requirements and parameters approved by them.

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